ABA is committed to making all reasonable arrangements that will allow conference attendees to participate in conference events. ABA complies with the American with Disabilities Act (ADA), and we work to make the conference comfortable and accessible for all participants. We recognize not all disabilities require accommodations, and some are invisible. For the overall comfort of all attendees, ABA considers such accommodations as seating areas to rest between events, quiet rooms, maps in multiple formats, and an onsite contact when help is needed. ABA does not require every person to disclose their disability to us, but given the range and variations of disabilities we may not know how to properly accommodate someone with a disability unless they contact us directly to share their questions and concerns.


2023 Accessibility Services

Many accessibility services require advanced planning for a conference as large as ABA’s. In order to help us better prepare, all requests for accessibility services, equipment, or accommodations should be submitted before the conference. ABA can best meet accessibility needs when requests are sent by May 15, 2023. Please submit any requests to accessibility@bookweb.org. Anonymous submissions can also be made on this form. ABA will make every effort to accommodate requests that arrive after May 15.